Luis Tinoco is a Mexican American painter and illustrator, born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area on November 1985. From a young age he quickly became enamored with drawing and illustration. As a teenager he focused strongly on anatomy/academic illustrations inspired by the works of Michelangelo and Rodin. He has drawn influence from the renaissance, baroque, romantic, orientalist, and victorian era works and draws inspiration from contemporary artists, photography, city streets and life. His art education has varied – from art school classrooms and workshops, but being self taught through observational learning. He has managed to evolve and grow, increasing in skill and knowledge with each painting. Having a strong concentration on realism, he continues to push his limits to create more dynamic and emotively moving works.

He produced a solo show in 2016, titled “Beauty & The Streets” – A focus on women with feminist themes via figurative and portrait works. The women depicted are strong women that know the meaning of empowerment, passion and freedom of expression of one’s own self. Debut on April, 2016.

He also produced a series of work serving as an extension of “Beauty & The Streets” called “Chingonas”. A statement on representation of women of color and “Chola Style” – The Chola look is style as a form of Resistance personified forged by the struggles of poverty, violence, and conservative gender roles. Both series’ embody the visibility and representation of Women of Color in contemporary Fine Art. Debut on June, 2017

His works have been shown in various galleries on both east and west coast. He has been featured on several online platforms and was a Semi-finalist for the Bombay Artisan Series Art Competition for the San Francisco region.

Commissioned paintings and drawings along with designs and illustrations for bands and miscellaneous entities has been ongoing since 2010.


  • YStar TV w/Andrea Garcia (Promotional image designs 2009)
  • This Town by Lawrence Goodwin (Book cover design 2010 published by blurb.com)
  • Sister Crayon (Myspace layout design 2010)
  • Adventure Playground (Myspace layout and poster design 2010)
  • Social Blonde Hair (Myspace layout, posters, album cover and tshirt
    design 2010)
  • Bogus Productions (Promotional design work and Myspace layout design 2010)
  • DJ Blackblood (Promotional artwork design 2011)
  • James Lucas (Album cover design ‘Structures’ – 2014)
  • Sardis (Promotional photos and artwork design 2014)
  • The Actress Not The Character (Album cover design, stickers, posters and more 2012-2015)
  • Deadthings (Album cover design, Misc. artwork 2015)
  • James Lucas (Album cover design ‘WAADITE’ – 2016)