Beauty & The Streets

Beauty & The Streets is more than portraits of beautiful women, it’s about the women depicted in the portraits. These women have their own stories, they’re living their own struggles. They know pain, love, loss, loneliness, joy, they’re strong women who know the meaning of empowerment, passion and freedom of expression of one’s own self. They reject utterly sardonic platitudes and know inequality and deal with objectification and misogyny on a daily basis. They know the feeling of contempt for the status quo and subjugation of their freewill and rights. They know that freedom isn’t free and that all that has been fought for will need to be taken with an iron fist and loud voice. They represent the voice of all the women who have fought for basic human rights and equality for hundreds of years. A voice that says “I want to live my life freely, peacefully and without judgment”. A voice that resonates with the notion of true understanding that the rights of women should have been standard and that this fight for basic equal rights should have been over a long time ago.

Since 2012 I’ve made it my mission to produce a body of work where my skills could be utilized to their full potential. I continue to push my limits and hope to explore further narratives and evolve with this series.
Beauty & The Streets is my way of making an otherwise ugliness in the world beautiful.